April 29, 2017

Testing: Fall 2010 HS Girls

Each season we go through a peaking phase at in our training where we integrate some testing drills into the workout. These tests range from strength maxes to on-field conditioning and speed tests. We compile all of these tests in an extensive database and compare our athletes to over 5000 athletes that we have tested in our program over the last decade.

The process is very competitive and it is one of the most enjoyable phases, as the players compete, not only against their previous score, but also against others in their age group and athletes that have long since graduated and left our program.

We score the testing like a decathlon, where the record holder in each category receives 1000 points and the worst score recorded receives 0 points. Then everyone is ranked according to where their score fell in relation to those two scores. The goal is to win the Athlete of the Quarter Award, which is determined by averaging each athlete’s score in all the events, giving them their Quarterly Ranking Index (QRI).

To keep it fair we factor in body weight for all the strength exercises to give a strength score in weight lifted per pound of body weight. It is amazing to see some of our younger athletes who don’t realize how strong they are in relation to their own body weight score extremely high in this category.

For the next few days, I will be displaying our top 10 in each category, with graphs that show the improvement we have seen across the board during the fall of 2010. This is how we determine how well our programs worked in relation to our goals for the season.

Today we will be focused on our Top 10 Athletes (highest QRI). And without further delay… Here are the Top 10 for Fall 2010:

1. Tricia White: 908 points (Fall Record in 3 Events)
2. Mallory Page: 898 points (Fall Record in 1 Event)
3. Katy Riojas: 877 points
4. Meryl Vannoy: 873 points
5. Leslie Johnson: 801 points
6. Taylor Gonzales: 795 points (Fall Record in 1 Event)
7. Devon Tarantino: 790 points
8. Betsy Cha: 765 points (Fall Record in 1 Event)
9. Nikki Lynch: 764 points
10. Taylor Baum: 736 points

In the next post, I will be highlighting the way we test speed, and name our fastest players of the fall of 2010. Congratulations to all of our athletes and to Tricia White, who joined the 900 point club of Jordan Jackson, Kate Timmons, Mandy Laddish and Lauren Fowlkes! You are in great company with 2 National Team players and a Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week Award winner.

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