April 29, 2017

Question: How do you progress workouts for kids who mature quicker in the U12-U14 age group?

Question: Are there different work-out time frames for U12-U14 boys? Some boys in this age group mature faster than others which can possibly create some confusion with the expectations of a coach. A U12 that is 5′-7″ with hair and one that is 4′-7″ without are maturing at much different paces. Should the workouts be … Read More >

Featured Exercise: Stair Jumping

I often refer to our “Stair Program” in these posts and many times I get questions about what we do on the stairs. “Do you just sprint up the stairs?” and “How does this differ from your box jump program?” are a few of the more common questions. I thought I would take minute to … Read More >