April 29, 2017

RESEARCH: Enhancing Max Velocity Sprints with Weight Vests and Sled Pulls


A recent study on 20 college varsity lacrosse players from the Haverford College’s Athletic Department was performed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Human Performance Laboratory (Authors Clark, K., Stearne, D., Walts, C., and Miller, A. – Published in the December 2010 – Vol. 24 No. 12 Issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research) … Read More >

Lunge/Step Up Technique Video


There are a few exercises that we teach at the AthleteFIT Academies that really help us develop our sport specific strength and power, and thus set the stage for explosive speed and agility. However, 2 of these exercises have many variations that can dramatically effect the outcome of the exercise. After posting yesterdays video, I … Read More >

Tuck Jump Assessment (Revisited with Video)


In a former post we discussed an assessment of landing mechanics as they apply to knee tracking and the risk of lower body injury. This Tuck Jump Assessment was one of our most popular posts on this site and has spured much conversation on why we do jump training with our athletes (even if they … Read More >

Question: How do you progress workouts for kids who mature quicker in the U12-U14 age group?

Question: Are there different work-out time frames for U12-U14 boys? Some boys in this age group mature faster than others which can possibly create some confusion with the expectations of a coach. A U12 that is 5′-7″ with hair and one that is 4′-7″ without are maturing at much different paces. Should the workouts be … Read More >