April 29, 2017

Top 10 Programs on the Cybex Arc Trainer: #9 Heart Rate Recovery


In our series of the top ten types of training on the Cybex Arc Trainer we have our number 9 program being Improved Heart Rate Recovery. This refers to the ability of the heart to quickly recover during interval training, to a level were it can repeat the next interval at a fairly high intensity.
High … Read More >

Why do athletes stop training after an injury?


This has perplexed me for years… Athletes often suffer minor injuries throughout the season. Aggressive play can often result in a sprained ankle, pulled muscle or shoulder injury, and upon injuring themselves the players (or parents) often decide to take 2-6 weeks off to let the injury heal. Let me try to understand this… a … Read More >

Top 10 Programs on the Cybex Arc Trainer #8: Circuit Training


Today, in the blog series of the top 10 programs on the Cybex Arc Trainer, we will be looking at our #8 program: Circuit Training. As we discussed in the #9 program (Heart Rate Recovery), high intensity interval training bouts of 30-60 seconds on, followed by 30-60 seconds off seems to be ideal for fat … Read More >