April 29, 2017

Lacrosse Specific Testing:

When testing lacrosse players we sometimes have to choose a few specific tests that can tell us the most information. We know that lacrosse is a speed, agility and quickness sport, with weaving, cutting and repeated bursts of short sprints. We also know that we need to assess the application of strength (lower body and total body).

We have chosen a series of three exercises that target each of these areas along with an emphasis on the ability to repeat top speed performances in a fatigued state (fitness level). We start off with our LAX Specific Speed/Agility Test or LXSSAT, where we will run a 40 yd dash (speed) that flows directly into a 20 yd shuttle (lateral change of direction), and then immediately into a a weaving drill (defensive agility / transition) and finally back into a 2nd 40 yd dash (repeatability of speed)

We also use an overhead backwards medicine ball throw that seems to be a good assessment of total body power as our stronger, more explosive athletes will almost always perform better in this test than the weaker, slower, less explosive athletes. We will also use a repeated bound test that seems to show how explosive the athletes are from a lower body, speed based perspective (potential for speed). Here is a short video of one of our athletes going through this test:

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