April 29, 2017

Developing Specific Speed / Agility Tests:

This weekend, the LacrosseFIT staff went out to Baltimore to test some of the best sophomores and juniors in the nation. We implemented a new test that combined 4 different aspects of lacrosse specific speed and agility. In the video below, you can see the how each of the aspects are included in the test:

  1. Straight Ahead Speed (40 yd dash)
  2. Lateral Agility (20 yd shuttle)
  3. Weaving Agility / Defensive Footwork (3 cone diagonal weave)
  4. Repeatability of Speed (fatigued 40 yd dash)

By including all of these aspects into one unique test we are able to look at how the player is able to perform in each of these areas as fatigue sets in. We break out each component with our Fusion Sport Smartspeed Timing System so that we can look at them both individually as well as globally. This gives us a much broader picture of how the player can integrate speed and agility into a fitness situation. The fastest time of the weekend (total time of the drill) was 24.28 seconds. The fastest 40 was 4.62. In a future post, I will break down each aspect of the test and give standards for what should be expected from elite players.

Here is the video:


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