April 29, 2017

QUESTION: How Do You Plan a Yearly Curriculum with HS Girls?


Question: How do you cycle their program throughout the year?  Most of the girls around here are playing almost year round.  Can you give me some insight as to your periodization model?
Answer: This is always one of the toughest questions to answer because there are so many variables to consider. For instance, is the player … Read More >

Top 10 Programs on the Cybex Arc Trainer: #9 Heart Rate Recovery


In our series of the top ten types of training on the Cybex Arc Trainer we have our number 9 program being Improved Heart Rate Recovery. This refers to the ability of the heart to quickly recover during interval training, to a level were it can repeat the next interval at a fairly high intensity.
High … Read More >

“You will never be good enough…”

Last night as I was coaching a group of fairly advanced kids that have been in our program for 5 or 6 years, I was getting frustrated because they were executing the movement (an agility drill) with near perfect form, but they lacked the intensity to really push their speed. We then progressed to a … Read More >