April 29, 2017



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Our training space is in the fieldhouse of the Overland Park Soccer Complex (135th and Switzer).

This is the blog site of the Soccer F.I.T. Academy, where we will be giving daily insight into our program, exercises, athletes, and research. This is an awesome way to see first hand what we do at the Soccer F.I.T. Academy (SFA)! If you are not currently a subscriber to this blog please click here to subscribe to get weekly insider emails that will focus on injury prevention, age group training, conditioning, strength development, new equipment, video of specific drills, etc.

The SFA Philosophy or Credo:

Look forward to the challenge or the race that has been laid out for you.

Do not dwell on the past (successes or failures).

Train your mind and your body to accept these new challenges with an aggressive confidence,

and in time, you will reap a harvest worthy of your efforts.

Respect the facility, the staff and your group as you would have them respect you.

This sums up what we are and how we will train. The road to success is not an easy one, , but if you put in the time, push your body through it’s comfort zones, you will be surprised at what you will become. If you are currently training at the SFA you will see your teammates want to quit, they will complain, they will try and find an easier way! Be there to support them, mentor them and be the motivational rock that they will learn to trust and depend on. In doing this you will find within yourself developing an Inner Strength that you never knew you had.

If you cannot train at the Soccer F.I.T. Academy and would like to gain more information on the workout specifics, training schedule, background research that goes into the program, interviews with other players and coaches, etc. you can receive monthly emails that detail our training in much more depth than this blog can cover by clicking here and become a member of the Online Soccer Academy (you will also see the link on the right hand side of the page).

Training the Mental Side:

We ask that our athletes take the Ready to Play Profile from Inner Tactics, a Sports Axiology Profile to help parents and coaches look deeper into what motivates their young players. We will follow this up with video taped conferences where the players can work through packets that will help them understand how to improve aspects like – GAME INTELLIGENCE, MENTAL TOUGHNESS, and SELF-MOTIVATION. If you decide to take take part in this program, you will gain a better understanding into how to become a more complete player. Be sure to click on this link, as it will file you as a member of the SFA and help us to get you the correct information…Take the Ready to Play Profile Now!

Injury Prevention:

In addition to our mental and physical programming we will be offering monthly seminars that will be available both on-line in video format as well as live at the SFA on injuries that are specific to soccer. Our November topic will be on hip flexor and groin injuries and how to treat as well as reduce the risk of injury in this area. We will have more to come on this in the following weeks.


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As always, Train with a Purpose and Live with a Higher Goal….