April 29, 2017

Inspiring Words: Attitude…The ONE Thing?


Prayer for a change of attitude for the upcoming year/season: Help me today to have a positive attitude on whatever life throws at me. Help me to see the tough times as strength and endurance training, and help me to see the good times as relaxation, regeneration and recovery. Help me to plan out a … Read More >

INSPIRING WORDS: Leadership…What’s Your Role?


Kansas State Basketball is learning this the hard way right now, as they were ranked in the pre-season top 5, but have suffered 3 big losses and we are not even to Christmas yet. On a radio talk show yesterday, K-State Coach Frank Martin addressed concerns with roles of leadership on his team. He mentioned … Read More >

RESEARCH: Enhancing Max Velocity Sprints with Weight Vests and Sled Pulls


A recent study on 20 college varsity lacrosse players from the Haverford College’s Athletic Department was performed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Human Performance Laboratory (Authors Clark, K., Stearne, D., Walts, C., and Miller, A. – Published in the December 2010 – Vol. 24 No. 12 Issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research) … Read More >

Agility 101…


Agility for team sport athletes usually starts with quick feet drills and then progresses into pattern work. For the last 4 or 5 weeks we have worked basic quick feet drills both with and without the ball with our younger players. With lacrosse and basketball players we sometimes try to mimic stick & ball based … Read More >