April 29, 2017

Developing Specific Speed / Agility Tests:


This weekend, the LacrosseFIT staff went out to Baltimore to test some of the best sophomores and juniors in the nation. We implemented a new test that combined 4 different aspects of lacrosse specific speed and agility. In the video below, you can see the how each of the aspects are included in the test:

Straight … Read More >

Lacrosse Specific Testing:


When testing lacrosse players we sometimes have to choose a few specific tests that can tell us the most information. We know that lacrosse is a speed, agility and quickness sport, with weaving, cutting and repeated bursts of short sprints. We also know that we need to assess the application of strength (lower body and … Read More >

Testing: Fall 2010 HS Girls


Each season we go through a peaking phase at in our training where we integrate some testing drills into the workout. These tests range from strength maxes to on-field conditioning and speed tests. We compile all of these tests in an extensive database and compare our athletes to over 5000 athletes that we have tested … Read More >