April 29, 2017

Inspirational Words: Committment


I do not boast of my abilities or believe in my own strength… but I hold true that God has placed me in the right situation at the right time. It is up to me to work as hard as I can to be prepared to live up to the expectations placed on me, for … Read More >

Why do athletes stop training after an injury?


This has perplexed me for years… Athletes often suffer minor injuries throughout the season. Aggressive play can often result in a sprained ankle, pulled muscle or shoulder injury, and upon injuring themselves the players (or parents) often decide to take 2-6 weeks off to let the injury heal. Let me try to understand this… a … Read More >

Lunge/Step Up Technique Video


There are a few exercises that we teach at the AthleteFIT Academies that really help us develop our sport specific strength and power, and thus set the stage for explosive speed and agility. However, 2 of these exercises have many variations that can dramatically effect the outcome of the exercise. After posting yesterdays video, I … Read More >