April 29, 2017

Modified TRX Pull-Up Exercises for Beginners

Many of our body weight oriented strength training programs for the younger age groups use variations of push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges and step ups where the player will use their own body weight for resistance instead of dumbbells or barbells. This is great for most exercises, but when it comes to doing pull … Read More >

Question: How do you progress workouts for kids who mature quicker in the U12-U14 age group?

Question: Are there different work-out time frames for U12-U14 boys? Some boys in this age group mature faster than others which can possibly create some confusion with the expectations of a coach. A U12 that is 5′-7″ with hair and one that is 4′-7″ without are maturing at much different paces. Should the workouts be … Read More >